Friday, November 25, 2016

Writing Quotes

"Above all, Fantastic Four was about the strength of the family unit, and how crucial these close bonds are to holding onto your humanity in the wake of unimaginable transformation." Alasdair Wilkins

"Writers have a reputation for being distracted. That's because writers are distracted." Elizabeth Berg

"Some failure may be necessary so that the child can develop some modesty." Saul McLeod

"The truest test of character is how you treat those who are beneath you." Joe Bunting

"...what is most personal—our brokenness, our insecurities, our jagged edges—is most universal." Gabrielle Earnshaw, preface to Love, Henri

"I’m certainly not surprised that my book did not change your life. Writing it did not even change mine!" Henri Nouwen

"(Thomas Merton) was a genius, an artist, novelist, poet, painter and sparkling mind. I am plodding my way through life with much less." Henri Nouwen

"It is His story that makes our story worth living." Henri Nouwen

"The story is the place where we can feel at home." Henri Nouwen

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